purpleSTARS our mission

British Museum Sensory Label for the Englightenment Gallery Postcard

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifTo develop opportunities for people with learning disabilities/differences as inclusive researchers to make Museums engaging and meaningful for all.

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifTo enable museums to bring a richer sensory perspective to their collections and deploy simple digital tools that can widen the appeal and inclusivity of what is on offer.

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifTo support people with learning disabilities/differences to capture and communicate their insights and expertise so as to augment sensory museum experiences.

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gif“Nothing About Us Without Us!”

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifTo work with Museum teams to rethink the design and curation of their collections with learning disabled and diverse people and so widen their appeal for everyone.