Commission a purpleSTARS Sensory Expedition

Please contact if you would like cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifpurpleSTARS to work with you.

We will explore your museum from the perspective of visitors with learning disabilities and go on a Sensory Expedition. We report back and work with you to explore sensory and digital experiences that can put our ideas into practice.

We offer a programme of visits by our cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifpurpleSTARS team a mix of artists and technologists with and without disabilities.

We can provide different formats to engage your staff, your visitors and local disabled people as active co-producers of an inclusive experience.

Our offer might result in a programme of public sensory workshops or the production of  sensory postcards, a super-accessible Website or three dimensional multi-sensory labels for your collection.

…We recently produced a life-size cow for a museum – it smelled really interesting and you could add your own ‘moo’ to the display!  One evening the cow delivered a special talk as we wheeled it past the visitors.

Our unique self assembly sensory labels lets your museum or visitor add a smell, sound, image or textures that directly relate to your museum.

We can create new sensory museum interactives and through inclusive workshop activities help your museum to become more inclusive.

The Museum of English Rural Life Sensory Cow
The Museum of English Rural Life Sensory Cow

cropped-cropped-whitebackstar.gifpurpleSTARS first year is being funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) it is a Sensory Objects follow on funded project. We aim to develop opportunities for artists and technologists with and without disabilities to work with museums to make them more sensory and inclusive. STARS stands for Sensory Technology Art Resource Specialists we choose the colour Purple as recently business has started to refer to the Purple Pound, purple has come to represent people with a disability.