purpleSTARS at TATE Exchange Movement 2019

purpleSTARS Suitcase Stories

This is a picture of the purpleSTARS Stories Suitcase
purpleSTARS Suitcase Stories

Join purpleSTARS on level 5 for TATE EXCHANGE MOVEMENT

Friday 1st March 2019 11-3pm

purpleSTARS on LEVEL 5 of TATE MODERN Welcome Lounge Installation: Come and Tell us Your SUITCASE STORY part of Reading University MOVEMENT TATE EXCHANGE

Join purpleSTARS on the Welcome Lounge sofas. We are telling and listening to all types of Suitcase Stories, from how you travelled to the Tate today, all about going on holiday, your favourite journey, the story of how your family arrived in the UK, the journey you make everyday etc…… All Suitcase Stories Welcome!

14 purpleSTARS creating an installation group sit on sofas like a airport waiting lounge. The public were invited to join them to record a suitcase story. This was any story about travel, family history and lineage, holiday travel etc.

CLICK HERE to listen to collected purpleSTARS Suitcase Stories on Soundcloud

The video below tells the story of ArtLab activities at Tate Exchange 2019 at 1.22 University of Reading Art students Becca and Khadija talk about working with purpleSTARS. purpleSTARS enjoyed participating in all the ArtLab activities including creating soundscape drawings and 360 selfies.

Entrance to Tate Exchange Michael, Becca and Khadija standing with the story suitcase with recordable postcards inviting the public inside.
purpleSTARS Michael, Becca and Khadija inviting the public to share a suitcase story

purpleSTARS created a very successful Pop Up Sensory Museum as part of the University of Reading Assembly TATE EXCHANGE 2018.

Tate All together

Feedback was collected about the pop up from visitors below is an example of the feedback postcard:


The word cloud below was generated by comments left on feedback postcards:

Feedback Tate Pic

Below is an video that shows some of the feedback messages

A group of purpleSTARS students from Reading College learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities dept took part in creating the Pop Up Sensory Museum. Their lecturer  Jess Sanchia feedback:

“Thank YOU so much for inviting us. We had an amazing time – the whole day was the most rewarding I’ve ever had the fortune to be part of at college.”

CLICK HERE to see purpleSTARS wiki website all about the TATE Pop Up Sensory Museum, the picture below shows RIX purpleSTAR AJAY CHOKSI Wiki Master adding content at the TATE MODERN


Inspired by a work by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov at the Tate Modern

Man who never throw

purpleSTARS Judith and Rufaro gave the first ever 10 Minute Talk in a paying exhibition in front of the the Kabakov exhibition ‘The man who never throw anything away’ telling about the connections between purpleSTARS ideas for their popup museum for Tate Exchange and the Kabakov exhibition.

purpleSTARS Tim and Santino also did some research into creating Virtual Reality with members of University of Reading ArtLab 


Created at the TATE MODERN on Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th January 2018 12-3pm in the Southwark Space on Level 5 of the Blavatnik Building TATE MODERN.