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The Museum of London commissioned purpleSTARS to develop London is the Place for me, a sensory display of oral histories for their Talking Point Gallery.

London is the Place for me is closed for one week MONDAY 1ST – FRIDAY 5TH NOV.

We are making some changes in response to audience feedback.

Open again on Saturday 6th NOV 2021.

Click here to for a 360 tour of London is the Place for Me.

London is the Place for me, focuses on 4 themes that emerged from listening to the voices and stories of past Londoners: Equality, Travel, Style and Sensory Cinema.

The exhibition opened on September 3rd and will continue until December 17th 2021.

Screen grab of the Museum of London's webpage. Image of group holding cardboard protest banners for Equality outside the museum of London

How purpleSTARS researched and developed their exhibition London is the Place for Me for the Museum of London (MoL).

purpleSTARS spent lockdown2020-21 listening and responding to the oral history archive of the Museum of London,(MOL) volunteering as part of Listening to London. The oral history collection has some 5,000 hours of recorded interviews with a wide variety of people.

Over a series of online meetings purpleSTARS have selected and listened to recordings that interest them from the archive and used the RIX Wiki to collect our responses, making connections between past and present Londoners.

Wiki master Ajay Choksi documented each meeting on his research wiki.

six people in an online meeting.
Online meeting discussing Museum of London Talking Point display

As part of our research we have learnt about and practiced oral history interview techniques with MOL Curator Hannah Davies and interviewed experts from the Museum of London, Cathy Ross, ex director of MOL and digital curator Fontieni Aravani.

The Talking Point Gallery at the Museum of London is a space to create, test and learn from content ideas which will feed into the development of the new Museum of London when it moves from the Barbican to the site at Smithfield Market in 2025. The Talking Point Gallery encourages Museum visitors to test and respond to content, and museum staff to push their boundaries in terms of the way content is displayed and interpreted.

Click on this image to visit our development RIX WIKI. We recorded ourselves listening and talking about the oral histories from the archive during weekly online meetings during lockdown 2020 and 2021. We also used the MoL online archive to discover and research items from the collection as we developed our ideas for the exhibition.

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