purple LOCK STARS 2020

purple Star logo with image of corona virus, Motréal and London logo

purpleSTARS in London and Montréal are creating a WIKI sharing their experience of being in Lockdown due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. We want to create a piece of history documenting our stories.


Purple STARS in London will work with WIKI MASTER Ajay Choksi to create content for a ‘Museum of Life Under Lockdown’, the group in Montréal will do the same working with Amélie Nadeau and members of the Wagner Centre . Each group will populate 3 sections each of the same Wiki. We plan to share images, stories/sounds about: 

  • Music they enjoy at home during lockdown
  • Food they cook or enjoy at home during lockdown
  • Objects and Activities that are important during lockdown
  • Create a self-portrait about each person.

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