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purpleSTARS logo with BubbleClub logo

purpleSTARS collaborated with Bubble Club who create inclusive and immersive club nights co-created by people with learning disabilities. We have been meeting weekly to develop an inclusive club night experience for Tate Lates part of the Tate Exchange programme.

Tate Exchange webpage listings.

We decided to celebrate the Power of Bubble Club. We wanted a backdrop for the stage that represented the Power of Bubble Club, the group decided to paint music speakers in three colours inspired by Andy Warhol and purpleSTARS response to the Roots, Rhythms and Records exhibition at Hackney Museum. We thought speakers represent the power of amplified music, essential in creating the Bubble Club night vibe, with DJs, live performance and dancing.

Poster for Tate Lates Power of Bubble Club on Friday 28.02.2020
Above flyer for Tate Lates Inclusive Power of Bubble Club event on Friday 28th February 2020 and below developing ideas.
Below is a short video with clips from the night over 10000 people attended the Uniqlo Tate Late.
Samantha created a drawing asking visitors what power means to them during the evening

Images of purple STARs and Bubble Club creating artwork for Power of Bubble Club.

Bubble Club and purple STARS members painting images of speakers.

Images below shows finished painted screen and projection images being developed at the BubHub. Setting up stage screens on Level 5 Tate Exchange ready for Bubble Power Club Event.

We created an Inclusive Training Day for the employees at Tate Modern. The images below are the easy read programme for the day.

  • Easy Read Programme for inclusive workshop at Tate Modern page 1
  • Easy Read Programme for inclusive workshop at Tate Modern page 2
  • Easy Read Programme for inclusive workshop at Tate Modern

We created this video to share the power of the Bubble Club with the Tate employees.

Top Tips to create an inclusive Bubble Club experience

The images above show purple STARS and Bubble Club working with the Tate Modern staff using Bubbble Club Top 5 Tips and the TALK acronym Talk Ask Listen/look Keep trying that has been developed by Communication Access UK to create five posters that we will display as part of our event Bubble Power for Tate Late at Level 5 for Tate Exchange.

The purple STARS have made some videos of the atmosphere of Bubbleclub nights they are really unique, everyone is made to feel very welcome. We are working together exploring the theme of Power to create a club night experience for TATE LATES on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28th 2020 on LEVEL 5 as a part of TATE EXCHANGE

Blind Date Bubble Club
purple STARS Kassie and Santino did a bit of 360 filming this is a 360 image of Bubble Club Blind Date Night.
Blind Date Bubble Club photo and video below shot with a 360 camera

Video of Blind Date Bubble Club night filmed by Santino and Kassie with a 360 camera.

Bubbleclub Strictly Hip Hop Christmas Cabaret
Bubbleclub Mystery Hotel Night
Bubbleclub Deep Sea Sting Rave

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